Guarantee & Reputation of our Group

The origins of the Group date back to 1952. For over 10 years we have also been selling high volumes of products on the internet at the best price, a goal made possible by the trust of customers who have chosen to rely on us. The staff is made up of dynamic and highly motivated people.

Our physical stores, Official Ducati dealer, with offices in Milan and Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) Official dealer of many international brands, based in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) Official Triumph Motorcycles dealer, based in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan)


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Sales Staff - [email protected]

Original Products

All products sold on this site are Original and enjoy the manufacturer's warranty according to the law.

Courtesy, Professionalism and Punctuality

Over the years the company has gained experience that allows us to give customers a courteous and professional service.
Speed in responses and punctuality in order fulfillment are two of our strengths.
For any clarification you can contact our Sales Staff.

Quality and Competitive Price

We sell products for motorcycles: original spare parts, accessories, high quality clothing.
Our reduced operating costs allow us to offer competitive prices throughout Europe and also for overseas deliveries.

Our Reputation

The origins of the Group date back to 1952. For over 10 years our sites have been registered on the best reputation and review platforms. By clicking on the names below you can access our most recent reviews.

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